Sunday, February 14, 2010

Orthopedic Walking Boot Ankle Still Swollen And Red After Fracture?

Ankle still swollen and red after fracture? - orthopedic walking boot

I went in May, the orthopedic surgeon has me in a walking boot for 6 weeks, he said, he had founded tendinitis. It is now December and is still swollen and her skin is red. Your impassable during especially cold weather. Should I go to the doctor or is this normal?


brainy smurf said...

No, it is 6 months or longer spoken.
You should see a doctor again, he is more at stake in this situation.
Need X-rays, and perhaps a CT scan.
But if it is swollen and red and stepped on, or even if your doctor
Especially if you have pain in one place.
Your choices here are broken, tendonitis, infection, deep vein thrombosis, SVT.
They should not also perform blood tests to rule out deep vein thrombosis, SVT
But you should be fine, you need a doctor
Please contact me if you need anything

Grant M said...

No its something normal and not very serious problem ... when they broke and has received a lot of walking, I think it should have been a cast for 6 weeks, and start. I think you rough and not yet fully healed .... immediately go to the doctor ... Good luck and happy new year by Grant M in Pennsylvania

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